How To Restore Your Health and Rebuild Your Body Without Drugs or Surgery

Dr. Joel Baumgartner MD is on a mission to redefine healthcare. In this book Dr. B shares a unique approach to completely change the face of healthcare. He created a 28,000 sq. ft. cutting edge clinic that is restoring health in their patients by using the body’s ability to heal itself to eliminate pain and REVERSE or better manage chronic disease including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and body degeneration.

Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cell Injection Training Manual

Regenerative Injections can lead to decreased pain and improved function in your patients. The injection technique is an art form, refined with every patient interviewed, examined and treated.

This manual is a tool to expand your examination, palpation and injection skills. It will teach you how to safely inject the target tissue with increased accuracy and decreased complication risk. It is an extension of your knowledge base, and a reference guide to sharpen your procedure skills.