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Episode 1

HealthOvate Episode 1 Summary:

In the premiere of HealthOvate, Dr. B will enlighten you to his story, the journey to heal from an all-encompassing format and offer real time solutions you can implement TODAY. You will be introduced to guests that have a story as well: How they championed their role in this journey and for some, and how they sought their own recovery.

Episode 2

HealthOvate Episode 2 Summary:

In the second show you will be introduced to warriors who are HealthOvating to the next level of healthcare and with Dr. B leading, how they are making a difference in the lives of others. How one’s own challenge brings them to their deepest core and understands what taking ownership of their life really means.

Episode 3

HealthOvate Episode 3 Summary:

In the third episode, Dr. B delves deeper into what is true personalized medicine and how this IS the future of Health Care. How together we change and HealthOvate the existing system. The guests are people who work in the trenches and with their success stories prove this is HealthOvating the practice of Medicine.

What do we mean by HealthOvate? The current system aims to cover up the symptoms of pain with, drugs, medications, cortisone, and even surgery. The current healthcare system is really expensive with all the hospital visits, prescriptions, immunizations, and procedures, eventually, surgery again. Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol are all on the rise and so are the prescription drug written. The number one medication subscribed is a pain medication. But there is hope through lifestyle changes. There is also functional medicine, a practice that looks deep into the patients history and uncovers the true cause of the symptoms. Functional Medicine starts with a full work-up of the patient, including a detailed medical history. A full examination along with testing exposes underlying causes often missed or overlooked in our current healthcare model

Today we will examine the reality of why patients feel fatigue, chronic pain, and that lack of zest and vitality. It is time to restore your body's natural function with functional medicine. Let's HealthOvate..

Episode 4

HealthOvate Episode 4 Summary:

In the fourth episode, Dr. B gets real about our broken orthopedic model for treating chronic pain and arthritis. Patients are experiencing degeneration, chronic pain and are suffering without hope of ever escaping. Dr. Baumgartner reveals a new frontier in orthopedics and Regenerative Orthopedics that uses the body’s own healing Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma. As a society, we are not given all the options available to us and the truth is WE CAN REGENERATE. He will show the evidence behind this new model and the lack of good evidence with the old model of pain medications, cortisone shots and surgery. You have options you have control together lets HealthOvate and change the Paradigm of Health Care.

Today we are diving in on nutrition and weight loss. Dr. B has met so many patients who are in a place of struggle. Where patients are broken down and feel defeated. So they are coming to see their doctor to see why they have not lost any weight. In Episode 4 Dr. Baumgartner shares the secrets that may help you break through these plateaus and lose the weight for good.

Then they dive into the Healthcare shift... Dr. B shares his intimate vision behind healthcare and what he feels it will look like in the near future. With health insurance premiums going up and healthcare outcomes going down. We are going to fix this, there is hope and options. Dial in nutrition, with proper nutrition your body has a better ability to heal itself. Dr. Baumgartner exposes the reality and truth behind regenerative medicine and how your body can escape pain without opioids.